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location: Slovenia
area: 4.300 m2
type: sports
status: concept
year of project: 2014


At one location, the complex combines administrative functions, education and training of young talents in the training hall, as well as educational and exhibition program. Project comprises four outdoor courts, a training hall, an administrative building and parking areas for users and visitors. Complex is located in the sports park in Dom˛ale, a town near the capital, Ljubljana. Location is adjacent to a tennis centre, the town swimming pool and a soccer field, the city stadium is nearby. The entire complex comprises 9425 m2. The presence of expression in urban environment begins with the arrangement of a series of outdoor courts next to the main access road, bringing the dynamics of the game close to surrounding area. Outdoor courts are connected to the hall facility by the Players Alley, descending as stairs towards the courts. It functions both as stands to watch the game and a place to lounge in nice ambient. At its eastern end next to the administrative building and museum, the alley expands into a small square. The program provides 18 parking spaces near the hall, 4 parking spaces for buses along the market area, and 9 parking spaces for administrative purposes, which are placed below the volume of the museum. Visitors can also use existing parking spaces within entire sports park. Administrative building is located at the west side of the hall, along the market. The upper two floors are cantilevered above the alley. Access is arranged as main entrance from the square and from the car park under the building of the museum (staff). Next to it is the access to freight elevators, which allows the transportation of goods to the warehouse basement. Ground floor comprises a lobby, coaches' and judges' rooms, and a cafe with offices and conference rooms in the upper floors. The composition is linear, secondary spaces are located at the back, all offices are oriented to the square. Educational/exhibition facility is a cantilevered volume, linked to the administration building on the south side; access is arranged through the lobby of the facility administration building. Parking for administration is organized under the building. the volume is designed as two construction-free floors, which can used for exhibition and conference events, education, press conferences, etc. ... Training hall is located in south-eastern part of the complex, with access to external courses across the alley, and with access from the street on the south side. Three basketball courts are arranged with a possibility of division, storage facilities for baskets and props are adjacent on the south side. North side comprises six units changing rooms for players and changing rooms and offices for coaches and judges. Upstairs, training areas with the possibility of division are arranged, as well as two rows of stands to see the training or matches. Training hall is connected to the administration building on the ground floor and first floor.


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