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location: Maribor, Slovenia
area: 64 m2

type: public
status: concept
year of competition: 2022

PAVILION: The Drava is a wide and calm river. Since the days of rafting, it has been tamed by a chain of power plants - once a lively alpine river that changed through the seasons has become a lazily smooth reflection of the city. The vastness of the river ambience is a break with the structures of urbanity, tranquility creates a void bordered by the city and cut by bridges. The pavilion in such a expanse has no context and neither does it create context. It represents the pinnacle - the urban equipment of the water park.
Once we solve the issue of context, the task turns out to be more like classical urban design than the design of urban equipment. The design follows many functions and production technology. Some of the functions were provided by the tender material, and some are still being added. The pavilion is not a final construction, it opens up new uses through transformation.

1. In the inactive state, the pavilion is a dark gray square 8x8x4m, which is tied to the shore
2. Four facades are lined with LED panels, the pavilion can become the voice of Maribor
3. It is possible to add a drive with 4 satellite electric motors to the pavilion, which slowly move the pavilion programmatically along the water surface. In the closed state, the pavilion is an active messenger - the city transmits information through it. Rigoletto moves from the opera to the banks of the Drava.
4. The pavilion opens one of its sides, which descends to the bank like a drawbridge. The pavilion becomes a warm wooden stage that radiates the energy of the performers into the auditorium on the shore. Access via ribbed side and the obstacle ramp.
5. The pavilion opens the roof - a system such as STOBAG BAVONA Hardtop is used, which covers the roof measuring 8 x 8 m in 4 fields. The slats seal against rain, creating perfect shade, but they can open and the stage lights up naturally. The system construction is made of smooth square metal profiles - it is design-neutral and also takes on the role of a bearer of stage lighting and sound system.
6. The pavilion opens the remaining three sides - with the same lifting mechanism as for the entrance platform, they open, the seats unfold on the sides like grandstands, fences are placed - an auditorium is created, which opens inwards to the stage and like a flower outwards to the Drava. Every event with a deviation from the bank gets the dimension of endless peace of the river.

A network of Alu profiles is built on the modular pontoons to establish a platform.
At the corners: Alu columns with internal steel reinforcements.
Roof construction system: similar to STOBAG BAVONA. In the brackets: motor lifting mechanism for lowering the entrance platform and the three sides of the auditorium.
Stage technique: for the most spontaneous use, the stage should have basic stage lighting and sound system. The floors are wooden - stage boards can withstand many things.
Auditorium: it is established by lowering the wooden sides (laminated plywood), the seating surfaces are opened with two piano hinges. In the closed state, the grandstands are stacked on the inner wall of the site. Alu fences are attached to fixed points.
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