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location: Prekmurje, Slovenia
area: 280 m2
type: housing
year of construction: 2012



House stands at the edge of a village near Murska Sobota, last in the row in the last village street. Clearly defined plot opens to three sides - to the field in the south, to a glade with an apiary in the east and a sunlit acacia wood to the north. A high green barrier to the west divides the house from the omnipresent present-day architecture. Large for urban notions, the plot is over 3000 m2 in size, extended deep to the north while narrower across. Plot size offers a rare opportunity for a sprawling single-floor composition that may generate more than one courtyard ambient, typical in a traditional house in Prekmurje. In addition to plot size, the key part in composition development was the readiness of the residents to open their living environment to broad fields and allow deer to peek into their bedrooms. Thus, a house with two garden spaces was developed, forming an open "S" letter, with a shady morning garden to the northeast facing the bedrooms, and a sunny day garden to the southwest. Both ambients meet in the house's living space, both energies converge here - the tranquillity of the cool woods and the warmth of the meadow.
The composition of the house is derived from the creation of exterior ambient rather than interior composition. The house is a ribbon, with functions arranged in the most expected order. Entrance pergola with a "corn shed" forms a portal - a frame through which we enter into the family's life. Here, there home begins. Of course it begins with a garage, followed by technical rooms, after the first bend there is a wardrobe and then a large living/working space. Next bend turns north into a large wardrobe area that also serves as a foyer for bedrooms and bathrooms. Arcade hallway in front of the bedrooms creates a mental barrier between wild nature and rooms and turns them into veritable spaces of rest. The house opens uncompromisingly to the south, catching the sun's warmth three quarters of the year. When it gets too hot, the shades are lowered and the house cools from the wood.
Passive and active energetics systems are built into the house, resulting in expected low running costs. The owner takes pleasure in checking the physical responses of the house to different exterior and interior impacts, so in a way the house serves us all as laboratory of construction physics and energy systems.

Published in: Vestnik newspaper (2013), Hiše magazine (2015), Hausbau magazine (2015)


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