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location: Sudan
area: 2.560.000 m2
type: masterplan
status: concept
year of project: 2012

ONE MILE CITY's programme consist of two segments. Basic programme comprises housing (3.000 one family houses with cca 100 m2 living surface each), a primary school - (capacity 1.400 pupils), a shopping center with entertainment programmes, a hospital (with capacity of 400 beds), a police station and technical and communal facilities (water plant, waste disposal, energy for heating and cooling…) Additional programme comprises an athletic and football stadium, a tennis center, a hotel with cca 100 rooms and a cultural centre.
Composition of the city is based on a concept of gradation of scale from basic unit - the house towards the whole city as a unit. 1.: HOUSE: there are two types of houses: type A with higher density (two floors) and type B with lower density (one floor). 2.: rows of two types of houses constitute a BLOCK 270 m long, with a street in between. In one block there are 40 A - type houses or 26 B type houses. 3.: longitudinal blocks of houses constitute one CARRÉ. Between carrés there are wider boulevard roads. 4. there are 25 carrés, which constitute a CITY. Forth unit: five carrés in a row plus a green belt around the housing areas define the length of the city - 1.609m or exactly ONE MILE. 5. School, shopping center and police station are organized around the central CARRÉ, which remains unoccupied in the first phase of development. With growing need, here further public functions can be developed, such as bazaar/marketplace, places of worship, cultural centre, a hotel, further educational programmes… Up to 3.400 houses can be built in ONE MILE CITY, which means a home for up to 14.000 inhabitants. Composition of city's geometry is directed towards the maximum efficiency at the lowest cost by optimally orienting the city grid and buildings to minimise solar heat gain on building walls and the street, while maximising cooling night-time breezes. Integration of all aspects of city life means that work, entertainment, recreation and home are all in close proximity, for convenience and to minimise use of transportation. City focuses on pedestrians, which means narrow, shaded streets and pleasant shaded walkways and other paths that encourage walking. The integrated nature of the city means it's not far to walk to many destinations, while convenient transportation also supports this pedestrian focus. Low rise/high density with most buildings no more than four storeys high and a vibrant urban realm with as much focus on the public spaces between the buildings as on the buildings themselves all confirm that the city is committed to offering high quality living experience with the lowest possible environmental footprint.



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