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location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
area: 11.800 m2
type: public space
status: concept
/invited competition/
year of project: 2023


If the park is to be a generator and harbinger of the future use of the space, it must establish a clear relationship with the environment, Iin the first phase mainly a distance. The park is not intended to improve the quality of the shopping experience, but to introduce housing and housing-related programs to the retail area. In the complex urban rhythm, the park functions as a moderator of the dynamics of the shopping pulse, in direct contact with spacious parking lots and wide roads, it cannot perform this function without an adequate distance.
As an optimal departure from the hustle and bustle of shopping dynamics, we suggest a subtle transition to another plane. The level of the park is lowered by approx. 1.9m, which of course still means complete openness in the given floor plan dimensions, and the lowering transports users to an ambience where views of the shopping landscape are interrupted, noise is reduced, and retreat means safety from traffic. If the environment is to take on new uses, including and above all residential purposes, it must enable the situation for children to play safely in the park, for someone to sit in the shade to read a book, for someone to take a peaceful walk in the greenery. Retreating to another plane is one (but not the only) compositional approach that makes this possible. In addition to the aforementioned offset, the change in the level of the park introduces a third dimension – on the south, east and west sides, the transition to the park is a gentle slope that can become a sleigh run in winter.
On the north side, towards the parking lots of the Ikea complex, a dense but low avenue of maple trees will be arranged, and towards the inner side of the park, linear greening will be arranged with a hornbeam cut hedge. On the eastern side, the slope is planted with trees of larger volume, which form a barrier against the dynamics of shopping arrangements. On the south side, the park is bordered by an avenue with larger trees (chestnuts, sycamores). On the west side, a green barrier (possibly hornbeam) will be planted against the areas that are currently not accessible for park arrangements, and the linearity will be interrupted with shrubs of a larger volume (hazel) and fruit trees. The area of the park to the northwest is intended for the installation of beehives - this part, where the frequency of visits is not expected, is designed as a meadow with as much as possible
meadow flowers, this part of the park is not mowed.
The central area of the park is laid out as a slightly sloping meadow, accessible by gravel paths on the slopes. Surfaces can be partially mowed to create playing surfaces. The slopes are arranged as slightly inclined grassy areas. The volume of the lowered lawn enables the safe collection of storm water in case of severe storms, which we will have to reckon with more and more.
The children's playground is arranged at the beginning of the eastern slope. On the southern edge of the park, structured terraces with rhomboid beds in three heights of half a meter are arranged with drywall, on which as many flowers and shrubs as possible are planted in karst vegetation, which forms the interior facade of the park. The flowers provide nourishment for bees, the ambience takes on a quality dimension, a path with benches is arranged above the terraces under the shelter of the hornbeam hedge. A low pavilion with a restaurant terrace opens to the south, establishing communication with the new residential contents. When the area is fully developed, the hospitality pavilion can be a quality meeting point.


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