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location: Portorož, Slovenia
area: 30.000 m2
type: urban complex
status: concept
year of project
: 2017


The basic concept of placement in the site and the concept of material treatments was placed on the plans that we prepared for the purpose of OPPN. The building is placed between the street lines, which we address with a dynamic structure that, on the one hand, establishes the corner accent of the square, holds the western side of the square and completes the street building line from the western side – with a long arched line, it turns into the space in front of the Palace Hotel. The reference to the Palace Hotel is also established in terms of height – the height of the new structure is the same as the Palace Hotel. The lower two basement floors of the building will house parking areas, the first basement, with partial parking, is purposed for a larger market shop with accompanying smaller shops, the ground floor and mezzanine will house shops and cafes, the upper floors will house hotel programs.
The key element of the composition is the arrangement of the covered market area, intended for use in all seasons. The hybrid market area is open to the main square, in the winter months it is closed in a controlled manner with glass or other transparent elements. This area, oriented towards the main square and the main street, is also the entrance area to the sous-terrain market area, around which the entrances to the shops on the first basement level are organized. The architectural design clearly emphasizes the hybrid market area that addresses the main square. The upper floors are defined by the dynamics of the rings, the composition of the lower two floors is newly emphasized by the negative volume of the market area, which opens and closes according to the weather.
The core of the building on the upper floors will house the hotel's spa center, which can also be accessed from the public areas of the building. As far as the height determinants and surface of the building allow, a swimming pool and beach arrangement can be provided on the roof.

Design concept: the main material elements of the layout follow the design that was prepared for the purpose of OPPN. The upper floors are determined by rings made of stone, which envelop the parapets of the building. Stone elements should be provided in different surface textures that are known in the area (pointed, grooved, stoked, burnt and brushed, cut, sanded, polished). Glazing is placed in the background in darker frames, a strong design element are vertical blinds, which emphasize the horizontal dynamics of the architectural composition with their horizontal movement.
The lower - more public facades are clad in glazing of larger formats with dark structural elements. We paid special attention to the coordinated signage of the object's contents. The hybrid plaza has a series of circular columns on the outside that support the upper floors. The line of columns along the facade also represents the assembly line of glass roller or sectional doors, which in bad weather close the market area against storms, cold, rain...
The floor surfaces are finished in the materials and tones of the local environment - light beige stone or ceramic floors, which should uniformly connect all the elements of the building. Ceilings of the public areas are envisioned in paintings with stronger patterns, which should turn the surface of the ceilings into a connecting piece of information – a blue thread that, like the floor, holds together all the building's systems.


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