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location: Koper, Slovenia
area: 21.000 m2
type: urban complex
status: concept
year of project: 2013


Slavnik project is located on the sea shore, to the south of the old city centre of Koper, Slovenia. Site is determined by two axes: one along the new promenade to city centre, the other directed towards the west and the seaside town of Izola. To the south of the site, terrain rises to the densely populated residential area of Semedela. Location places the project into the natural gravitational core of Semedela and thus suggests a development of central activities crucial for both Semedela and city as a whole. Urban energy of Semedela is thus collected and transferred into communication with the historic centre of Koper along the old access axis, today transformed into a city promenade. A mental link connects the city with its suburb, the old with the new. A bridge across the roads forms a new, safe and attractive connection between Semedela and the promenade, and onward to the city. Directed as an extension of the promenade itself, it spans across the Badaševica channel where a wide stairway connects it to promenade level, with a moving walkway that allows for easy access of strollers and bikes.
The central element of the composition is the new square, opening towards Semedela and naturally directing movement towards the sea and the city. Square becomes the meeting point of local residents, a carrier of the rediscovered identity of Koper's southern suburb. Paving and arcades in light Istrian stone give the ambient a clear mediterranean spirit, a rich green border protects it from the fierce northern winds and offers shade in the summer. A centrally located fountain adds freshness and acts as a pleasant sound buffer. A green area surrounded by arcades is arranged in the northeast corner, oriented towards the sea as a green balcony. A staircase leads from the park level to the square in front of the church.
The square is flanked by two structures that connect their ground floor programme with local economy, thus converting the space to a window into the new awareness of local food production, consolidating existing and establishing new local brands. The western structure is established as an extension of the existing kindergarten building. It supports the western edge of the square with arcades and serves as a buffer between the introverted garden of the kindergarten and the bustle of the square. Ground floor comprises 7 new playrooms for the kindergarten and various public programmes, upper floors house a day centre for the elderly, medical and cultural programmes. The higher structure on the eastern side with spacious arcades houses retail and services on the ground floor, with a new loggia as a meeting place at the entrance to the square. The upper floors rise to 14th floor in terraces, with a possibility of various housing alternatives.
The lower floor of the complex with access from the road comprises a larger food shop, an outdoor ecological market and various smaller shops. Behind are two floors of parking spaces, their excellent accessibility from the road infrastructure provides a great starting point for walks on the promenade.


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