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location: Ljubljana
area: 96.000 m2
type: urban complex
status: concept
year of project: 2012


The end of Tržaška, the west access road into the center of Ljubljana, is burdened with many partially realized attempts of urbanization, never definitive or with enough inertia for real implementation. The energy of the decades after World War II was primarily focused on the access road from the north, the other access roads were neglected and today still present a strong suburban or perhaps even rural impression. An anecdote said that the reason of urbanization of northern directions was that the investments were concentrated along the roads former mastermind of the Communist Party Edvard Kardelj took from the airport to his home when returning from Belgrade.Thus, local politics was always able to brag about new development and probably buy peace and existence. The north side of the end of Tržaška road near the city center is defined by the large complex of Tobacco Factory, which should have been strongly redefined by now, with investment in administrative and residential towers, but the economic crisis and the induced fall in demand for real estate stalled the project. The south side is a compositional chaos of correctly and incorrectly positioned volumes and larger voids. We received some real interests of property owners in this area and parties interested in moving into the area to participate in the process of finding appropriate compositional solutions of the entire area, and establish an appropriate setting for entry into the city center of Ljubljana Upon checking the ownership and urban elements we a prepared a stronger linear composition along Tržaška road, which at its end and turn towards Aškerčeva road ends with a more elevated and centric composition of an entrance dominant. Behind, a new block for the Faculty of Civil Engineering is arranged on an empty lot, and the Central Technical Library is oriented to the spacious new Student Square. There was an interest to house a hotel in the building closest to the city centre, while the linear building along the road could house student homes and apartments for doctoral students. The volume of interest was already approaching the point when talks regarding financial structure could start. However, times were not favorable for investments at the time, and the project stalled. We were not the first to have dealt with this space and obviously not the last.


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